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Assuming you are on Windows (if on Os X whatever is the equivalent software)

please install the latest beta version onto an SD card.

Then boot it up on the pi (with the pi connected via ethernet to your network), and configure your joypad on emulationstation. Once this is done, using Putty connect to the Pi (hostname retropie), and use login: pi, password: raspberry

once at a command prompt type

cp ~/.emulationstation/es_temporaryinput.cfg /opt/retropie/configs/

now go to your PC and browse the network – you should see the retropie machine on the network with some shared (roms/configs/bios). Go to configs, and copy the es_temporaryinput.cfg file to your PC.

Then browse to configs/all/retroarch-joypads/ and copy the .cfg file in there to your PC also.

Now go to a retroarch emulator such as lr-picodrive and confirm left/right are not working. If not go back to the PC, and browse again to configs/all/retroarch-joypads/ and remove the file.

Now go to retropie-setup, and the supplementary menu, and choose the option to configure retroarch input devices. Choose joystick and follow the instructions. Once this is sorted, go back to the emulator, and check if controls are all working correctly – they should be.

Now go back to the PC and browse again to configs/all/retroarch-joypads/ there should be another config in there. Please copy this to the PC also (renaming it if it has the same name as the previous config file we copied off).

These are the 3 files I need. The es_temporaryinput.cfg file – the first joypad configuration file (which we generate), then the second joypad configuration file made using the retropie-setup retroarch input configuration option.