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To be honest I’m not sure why select worked in loopmaster, the coin key in lr-fba always perplexed me too as it worked in some games and not others.

I’m not sure about game difficulty, there might be a setting in the rgui but I’ve never tried.

.0375b is the only libretro mame I know of but some people have been suggesting mame4droid as a new option:

This was the only list I could find for pifba which I thing is what libretro-fba is ported from:


You’d have to edit a few settings in the runcommand/emulationstation themes in order to get them all under the same section- you’d basically need to code it to give you the option of all the arcade emulators rather than FBA or mame alone (I haven’t figured it out myself but I haven’t looked into it all that much)