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    Thank you stakstar, but it still does not work for me.

    I changed the number to 4 in autoconf.cfg and I also made a reset of the input mapping when doing “configure input” in Emulationstation again.
    Then I was stuck at the time/date settings again and then I did exchange the mapping file with my backup of “controller_Xbox360WirelessReceiver.cfg”.
    I wonder why your mapping file is named “controller_XboxGamepad(userspacedriver).cfg”
    I don’t have this file in the folder. But I think, it wouldn’t make a difference how the file is called?

    My emu.cfg looks the same as yours, but only the mapping file is called different but this is the mapping file that I’ve edited so that all controls are the same as real DC controller.

    Where do I find that userspacedriver? Do I have to install it manually?
    My wireless controllers work great in all other emulators… only Reicast has problems with more than one controller.

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    Thank you, Vretro.

    So now we have the answer and know that’s an issue of the emulator.
    I hope they’ll implement second conrtoller support soon with some perfomance improvements and keep up the good work.

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    If I remap the Controller via EmulationStation, then it is also remapped for Reicast, but then only the analogue stick of one controller is working and I’m stuck at date settings and so I have to remap the Reicast controls manually again.

    The device ID’s in emu.cfg match my controllers.
    First one is the USB Keyboard, second one is the first X360 wireless controller and the following three are the theoretically three another X360 controllers. So the device ID’s of my two X360 wireless controllers are 2 and 3 and if I use the script, provided here:

    then both controllers are working with ID 2 and 3, but it shows no effect in Reicast and still only one Controller is working.

    As I wrote in my last post, I tried to give ID 3 another mapping file (with the same values as for controller 1), but this also does not work, so I’m confused and wonder, if anybody has got two working USB Controllers with the latest Reicast release.
    If so – please tell me and explain how :-)

    IMHO it could be a USB / USB device ID problem of the Reicast emulator itself.

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    I have the same problems as dgtlqid and vretro…
    I got my Xbox 360 wireless controller working, but I can’t get my second X360 wireless controller working with reicast. All other emus in retropie do it well.

    I tried several things like configuring emu.cfg to use another mapping profile for the second controller, but it does not work.

    Here is my controller config for the x360 wireless (was some work to configure it right!):

    mapping_name = Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver
    btn_escape = 0x13a

    btn_a = 304
    btn_b = 305
    btn_c = 310
    btn_d = 311
    btn_x = 307
    btn_y = 308
    btn_z = 318
    btn_start = 315
    btn_dpad1_left = 704
    btn_dpad1_right = 705
    btn_dpad1_up = 706
    btn_dpad1_down = 707
    axis_x = 0
    axis_y = 1
    axis_trigger_left = 2
    axis_trigger_right = 5

    axis_trigger_left_inverted = yes
    axis_trigger_right_inverted = no
    axis_x_inverted = no
    axis_x_inverted = no

    And here is my emu.cfg:

    backend = oss
    disable = 0

    Debug.SerialConsoleEnabled = 0
    Dreamcast.Broadcast = 4
    Dreamcast.Cable = 3
    Dreamcast.RTC = 1543276800
    Dreamcast.Region = 3
    Dynarec.Enabled = 1
    Dynarec.idleskip = 1
    Dynarec.unstable-opt = 0
    aica.LimitFPS = 1
    aica.NoBatch = 0
    aica.NoSound = 0
    bios.UseReios = 0
    pvr.MaxThreads = 3
    pvr.Subdivide = 0
    pvr.SynchronousRendering = 0
    pvr.rend = 0
    rend.UseMipmaps = 1
    rend.WideScreen = 0
    ta.skip = 0

    evdev_device_id_1 = 2
    evdev_device_id_2 = 3
    evdev_device_id_3 = 4
    evdev_device_id_4 = 5
    evdev_mapping_1 = /opt/retropie/configs/dreamcast/mappings/controller_Xbox360WirelessReceiver.cfg
    evdev_mapping_2 = /opt/retropie/configs/dreamcast/mappings/controller_Xbox360WirelessReceiver.cfg
    evdev_mapping_3 = /opt/retropie/configs/dreamcast/mappings/controller_Xbox360WirelessReceiver.cfg
    evdev_mapping_4 = /opt/retropie/configs/dreamcast/mappings/controller_Xbox360WirelessReceiver.cfg
    joystick_device_id = -1

    ElfFile =

    OpenGlChecks = 0

    BTW: SSF2X for matching service is runnig nearly perfect on my Pi3 with that emulator!
    CPU OC 1300 MHz, GPU/Core and SDRAM 520 MHz.
    It would be so nice if I could play SSF2X in my living room with 2 Players on the Pi3 with the wireless X360 controllers instead of playing SF2 Collection on SEGA Saturn in my gaming room.

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