Ozzie Regalado
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Okay here’s an update. I managed to get a few authentic SNES controllers and I’m still not getting any response from the controllers. If i try and use retroarch joyconfig, it just says “Configuring binds for player #1 on joypad #0. A button (right)” and then nothing happens and I have to press ctrl+c to close the program. SNESDev still also get stuck on initializing controllers when I try and run it as well. I have to ctrl+c out of SNESDev in order to do anything. When i check the Adapter with a multi-meter, it seems to be receiving power and the voltage seems to change when I press the buttons on the pads too. I dont really know the specifics on the adapter, so im not sure whats exactly supposed to show up when I put it up to a multi-meter.

I feel like im doing something obviously stupid, but I just can’t figure out what it is. I’m DESPERATE for help here. If you’re reading this and you have even the slightest idea as to whats going on, please PLEASE let me know.