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Due to the RetroPie project being an ongoing project, there are always new developments as new technology and code changes emerge (especially once the Rpi 2 was released.) We’re in the thick of it and it may take some time for the community to sort out bugs and come up with a comprehensive process that fits most people’s needs. The world of Linux based programming has typically been identified with a very supportive community with a strong emphasis for the individual to learn to solve problems themselves and then pass along their learning to help others. This forum is no different.

While there may be a few main developers of a project to moderate and maintain the source code, many people in the community contribute to this project. You have to understand that they are doing this voluntarily and aren’t being compensated other than meager donations people choose to give. They could use their expertise to monetize on this project but they provide it free to share with everyone- because they are good people. I for one thank Petrockblog, Buzz, Gizmo98, floob and all the others for their hard work on the project so that we can have the opportunity to relive the nostalgia of our childhood.

That being said, I can understand that it may be frustrating at first to figure out the world of Raspberry Pi and RetroPie and how everything is laid out, and I would also agree that the Wiki can be improved- but it starts with us.

I’m currently working on setting up my Raspberry Pi 2 that I just received in the mail and I am creating a simple blog illustrating the steps I have taken to get it working, once I finish I would be more than happy to share the link with you. (and I will try to update the Wiki if at all possible)