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dube68, how many buttons do those joysticks have? Two? if this is the case there is probably no workaround to exit the emulator with the joystick. quitting with the keyboard goes by pressing ESC. quitting emulation with a joypad works like this: you press a defined button (usually one you normally dont use when you play or seldomly use, e.g. the “select” button) then press another button (another one you normally dont use when you you play, e.g. the “start” button) while the other one is still being pressed.

I’d suggest to buy a pair of decent joypads instead of those joysticks.
it should be okay if you configure only one of them if they’re both identiacl models, then configure one
cd home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/
-> select 3. then chose “set up controller” or something (dont know the exact line out of my memory) and configure it. try to remember the numbers it shows for your start and select buttons during the configuration. you can repeat the configuration anytime if you fucked up.

open the file

add the these lines on the very bottom
# Quit Game: Select + Start
input_enable_hotkey_btn = “enter_number_of_your_select_button_here”
input_exit_emulator_btn = “enter_number_of_your_start_button_here”

that should be it. I use joypads that look like these
and they have 12 buttons, so I decided to exit emulation by pressing L2 and R2 because none of those old consoles ever use such buttons