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(Edit: I am using a newly, successfully installed RetroPie 3.2.1 on Raspberry Pie 2. The SNES30’s have the latest firmware)

How does the process differ in the wiki article ( if I have two SNES30 controllers?

I followed all the instructions, and I set up both controllers for bluetooth with command lines and edited the startup file so both will automatically connect with each boot.

On Step 4, my controller D-pads work fine in the GUI, but on the Emulation Station controller configuration the d-pads do not register as assigned keypresses, but just move the selection around. (edit: I have noticed when it’s looking for a controller button to be pressed, and if I press a SNES30 dpad, it will display “keyboard” as the to-be configured device.)

On Step 5, I was able to configure my first controller using the described method. For the next controller, I did not delete the file again, and when I went into the “Configure input devices for RetroArch” tool, this time the screen goes completely black. Mashing buttons for a while will bring the screen back but with a bunch of timeouts and some assigned buttons to the config tool.

In practice, I could play a NES game where P1 controller would work fine, but the P2 controller would also work fine except its dpad would control both player 1 and player 2.

I’m somewhat worried that when I did the “cd /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/
ls -lah”
Aside from my XBOX360 USB I had tried earlier, it only showed the one config file for my gamepads (there was a bak copy as well). I have noticed in Emulation Station my gamepads have identical names. Should there be a config file for each gamepad?

This is proving to be far more complicated than I ever anticipated. If anyone can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it.