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[quote=105053]I seem to have a problem when trying to launch Retropie. I get a black screen from the start and it freezes at that. The only version that works is the vanilla v6. Both version 4 and 7 is giving me the black screen and I really want to use your pre-configured version. Also if I launch retropi from openelec then when I restart it will automatically go to the black screen.
Is there a way to rectify this issue.[/quote]

Hmmm… sounds like your TV may not support the resolution I have set? In my ‘tweaked’ builds I set the resolution to 720p / 60Hz as below:


You could try changing the resolution to something different in the ‘config.txt’ file on the partition named ‘BOOT’. Follow the below link to find a list of options you can try:

Seems strange though – your TV obviously supports 1080p as thats the resolution I set for OpenELEC, so you would think it would support 720p if it supports 1080p? Well, try amending the options in ‘config.txt’ and see how you go.